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Evolution of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

Date: 11/15/17

Category: Investing

ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds have increased in popularity exponentially since their inception in the 90s. The ETF sector in Canada has seen a major boom in recent years with ETF manufacturers creating products in three main categories... Continue Reading

Can you “write-off” your mortgage interest for tax purposes?

Date: 08/16/17

Category: Tax and Estate Planning

In Canada (unlike in the USA) mortgage interest is not tax deductible. Or is it? With some careful planning, you actually can turn your mortgage interest into a tax-deductible expense... Continue Reading

RRSP/TFSA Management Fees: Possible Tax Implications?

Date: 07/21/17

Category: Tax and Estate Planning, Investing

On November 29, 2016 the CRA released a Technical Interpretation (TI) regarding investment management fees incurred by an RRSP, RRIF or TFSA.

The TI addressed the situation where investment management fees were paid by the annuitant (account holder) personally and NOT via the registered plan... Continue Reading

3 Tax Tips for Real Estate Investors

Date: 02/01/2017

Category: Tax and Estate Planning

Real estate, particularly in Toronto and Vancouver has been very good to investors as of late. Like any boom in any asset class, when you see an extended bull market you tend to see investors pile in. Real estate is no exception. Investing in real estate can be complex and time consuming but the long-term returns can be very rewarding... Continue Reading

3 Basic tax tips for physicians and dentists

Date: 01/17/2017

Category: Tax and Estate Planning

Physicians and dentists are some of Canada’s highest income earning professionals. As such they are also subject to some of the most punishing tax rates in the country. Each individual doctor has their own unique situation and requires their own personalized tax and investment plan... Continue Reading

Are ETFs cheaper than mutual funds?

Date: 01/09/2017

Category: Investing

Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs for short have enjoyed a major boom in the Canadian market over the last 10-15 years. They’ve gone from a niche investment vehicle to mainstream and are synonymous with two major features: Low-costs and indexing. This article will focus on the first feature, I’ll write a follow-up on the second... Continue Reading

What is fee-based financial planning?

Date: 12/10/2016

Category: Financial Planning

Fee-based financial planning is a service offering that is growing in popularity in Canada for several reasons: 1. It is usually product neutral (no influence for advisors to sell you financial products) 2. It is commission free, your advisor only gets paid for what they invoice directly to you 3. It can be comprehensive; advisors are hired to draft... Continue Reading

How do dividends affect my portfolio?

Date: 12/08/2016

Category: Investing

Theoretically, whether a company pays a dividend or not should have no bearing on their stock value or the value of your portfolio if you’ve invested in that company. But reality is a far cry from theory. Dividends can be an integral component of your investment portfolio and understanding what dividends are and how to use them... Continue Reading

What is an Exchange Traded Fund?

Date: 12/02/2016

Category: Investing

Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs for short are an investment vehicle rapidly growing in popularity. While you may be familiar with mutual funds you may not be as familiar with ETFs. But you should be. What is an ETF? ETFs are a type of investment fund that trade like a stock on a stock exchange. Like mutual funds, ETFs are simply a... Continue Reading

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