Our services aim at protecting and growing your wealth. We value our transparency and independence and this is reflected in the way we service our clients. Each financial strategy is tailored to each individual client, ensuring that they get the most from their investments.


Non-discretionary investment oversight:

All investment accounts are with Queensbury Securities Inc., an IIROC registered introducing broker. Carry broker services are provided by Haywood Securities Inc. Queensbury is a Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) member.


Praetorian Wealth Advisory designs and implements custom portfolios based on detailed and intimate knowledge of our client’s tax and financial situations. Our core philosophies are: simplicity, diversification, and tax efficiency.


We design our portfolios using exchange traded funds, some stock positions, and some managed funds depending on the individual needs of our clients. We always strive to create low-turnover portfolios with lower overall costs to the client while adhering to the client’s individual risk tolerances and level of investment knowledge. We do not use hedge funds, derivatives, or structured products when designing client portfolio.


Minimum family investment: $250,000 or $100,000 for families with combined income of $200,000 per year or more.


Account fees start at 1% per year, billed monthly from $0 – $500,000 in account value, .75%, from $500,001 - $1,000,000, .50% from $1,000,001 and up.


All account fees are subject to HST.


Account fees include:


• Portfolio design

• Investment related tax planning

• Portfolio implementation

• Portfolio monitoring

• Re-balancing trades

• General financial advice

• Annual investment meeting

Fee-based financial, tax and estate planning:

All consultations are billed per the following rates:


Fabio Campanella: $300 per hour plus HST

Denise Campanella: $150 per hour plus HST

Administrative staff: $55 per hour plus HST


Although custom consultations are always available typical fees are as follows for our most requested services:


Please note that all consultations require 5-hours minimum.


Retirement Plan – ($2,000 plus HST and up): A very popular option for individuals and couples near or at retirement age. A retirement plan is a condensed financial plan to help a client determine 1: if they are financially ready for retirement, 2: build a retirement budget, 3: build a retirement investment projection.


ETF portfolio design – ($1,500 – 2,500 plus HST): includes an initial meeting along with a risk assessment, needs assessment and interview by Fabio. A custom portfolio will be designed addressing the specific purpose of each respective account in question. A low-cost ETF portfolio will be designed along with alternative portfolio selections.


Comprehensive financial plan – ($3,500 plus HST and up): Comprehensive financial plans are an excellent tool to begin a family’s own financial policies and plot a path to financial success. A comprehensive plan begins with a questionnaire along with an interview and a review of the family’s tax returns and investment statements. From there we build the following:


1. Net worth statement

2. Family budget

3. Savings and retirement plan

4. Investment portfolio design

5. Insurance plan

6. Basic estate plan

7. Basic tax plan


Clients who purchase a comprehensive plan often return for a 2-3 hour consultation to monitor their progress on an annual basis.


Comprehensive tax and estate plan – ($3,000 plus HST and up): This type of plan typically involves gathering details on a family’s current and projected financial situations, estimating tax liability at death, and designing a plan to lower taxation and mitigate the risks of transferring wealth to an estate’s beneficiaries. Mock tax returns are produced to estimate taxation at death and an extensive questionnaire and interview are conducted to ensure the client’s needs are met. Often, an estate lawyer is engaged to draft a will and/or settle trust(s) to carry out the plan. Life insurance is considered when deemed financially beneficial but alternative strategies are always explored.


Alternative investment analysis – ($1,500- $3,500 plus HST): For clients who are considering alternative investments such as: hedge funds, private equity funds, real-estate funds, exempt market securities, mortgage pools, private mortgages, mortgage investment corporations, derivative-based strategies and other similar investments. Fabio Campanella is a former auditor and lead administrator in the alternative investment industry at one point leading the administration team of a multi-billion-dollar fund of hedge funds. An investigation into a potential investment along with an analysis of the investment’s offering memorandum can be undertaken to assist in your investment decision. Fund due-diligence services and buy/hold/sell recommendations are not available.


Investment tax optimization plan – ($1,500 – 3,500 plus HST): This service is typically requested by individuals with significant non-registered (non-RRSP, TFSA etc.) holdings along with self-employed individuals with holdings in small business corporations and professional corporations. Fabio, who is a Chartered Professional Accountant practicing in Canadian taxation can develop an investment tax plan to save taxation on investment income and gains by implementing income-splitting strategies, taxable income deferral strategies and tax planning related to the accumulation of assets and wealth. Real-estate investments can also be considered.


Corporate taxation services – ($2,750 plus HST and up). Through his accounting practice (Campanella McDonald LLP) Fabio can provide clients with financial statement and corporate tax services for their small business corporations and professional corporations. Services begin at $2,750 for a year end and increase dependent upon complexity. All services are performed from the client’s own bookkeeping and include financial statement preparation, corporate tax filing, basic tax planning and advice. Campanella McDonald LLP offers a full-suite of accounting and tax related services such as: bookkeeping services, US tax compliance, SR&ED credit consulting, audit and review services and business valuation services. Personal tax preparation is available to the owners and family members of corporate tax clients. For more information please visit

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