Our services aim at protecting and growing your wealth. We value our transparency and independence and this is reflected in the way we service our clients. Each financial strategy is tailored to each individual client, ensuring that they get the most from their investments.


Investment Advisory

Fee-based, non-discretionary portfolio advisory is our core service offering. For a flat fee based on account value we design, implement and oversee tailored portfolios for our clients. In order to maintain a smaller body of clientele this service is available to families with a minimum investment of $250,000 or a combined annual income exceeding $200,000. The process begins with extensive client interviews followed by a portfolio proposal, implementation and year-round monitoring. All clients are encouraged to attend a year end planning meeting to cover their specific financial situations.


Client portfolios are bespoke; meeting the individual needs of each client. We do not have “model” portfolios nor do we place our clients into standardized buckets. Client assets are closely monitored year-round and portfolios are designed to meet our core principles: simplicity, tax efficiency, and diversification. Clients are free to contact us at any time for information related to their portfolios or to request revisions to the portfolio’s composition.


Fees begin at 1% of account values (annually – billed monthly) and are reduced for clients whose accounts exceed $500,000, then reduced again for accounts exceeding $1,000,000. At Praetorian Wealth Advisory we advise on all major registered and non-registered accounts including: RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, Cash, Corporate and Trust accounts. As a policy we do not advise on margin accounts nor do we utilize derivatives, structured products, or hedge funds.



Tax & Estate Planning

The transfer of wealth from one generation to the next can involve many complexities. Often, families plan their estate transfer late, or fail to plan at all leaving the fruits of their life’s work in the hands of the default laws of the state. This can lead to litigation between successors, forced liquidation of assets, and enormous tax liabilities.


Tax and Estate planning are intimately intermingled and involve knowledge of various different bodies of law including: taxation, family law, the law of trusts and estates among others. It also involves comprehensive knowledge of personal finance, insurance, risk, and family dynamics. The ability to wrap all these various bodies of knowledge together into one plan will dictate the success of your tax and estate plan.


The professionals at Praetorian Wealth Advisory have been advising clients on the transfer of their wealth in a tax-efficient manner for decades. Like all of our services we take a holistic approach to tax and estate planning and attempt to design plans that are efficient and practical to carry out.


All plans begin with a fact gathering process whereby clients outline their current situations in detail along with their ultimate goals for wealth transfer. Once the facts and goals are outlined and confirmed an analysis can begin. Clients are presented with several alternative structures and can weigh the costs and benefits to each one prior to implementation. Praetorian acts as the central planner and often deals directly with other professionals such as lawyers and insurance advisors to help carry out the final plan.


Tax and estate planning services are available at a rate of $350 per hour plus HST.



Financial Planning

Fee-based financial planning is a developing field in Canada. The popularity of this type of service is growing because it is product neutral and commission free. Fee-based financial plans will be attractive to individuals who would like tailored advice in a written report to assist them with achieving their financial goals.


Financial plans can be either comprehensive in nature or specific to certain areas of personal financial planning and can cover a wide range of planning needs including traditional market investments, alternative investments and real estate investing. At Praetorian Wealth Advisory, fee-based financial planning is available at a rate of $350 per hour plus HST. Most consultations range from 5-15 hours with 5-hours being the minimum consultation length.


Consultations can cover a variety of topics such as:

o Personal net-worth statement and analysis

o Family cash flow statement and analysis

o Investment portfolio design

o Retirement analysis

o Risk and insurance analysis

o Tax and Estate planning

o Real-estate investment

o Alternative investment analysis



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